In 1994,  Jake D. Phillips, a lung cancer patient with advanced disease, received an EVA-PCD test. Although they were not able to cure his cancer, the treatment identified gave him added time and value to his life — a fact for which his sister, Loretta Stamos, was forever thankful.

To show her appreciation and help others fighting cancer, Loretta created the Vanguard Cancer Foundation.

Born from the dream of one dedicated physician and the love of a sister for her brother, Vanguard Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit entity with a mission to empower cancer patients through education, awareness and financial assistance to make informed decisions about their best chemotherapy options.

Vanguard Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization, advocating for more personalized and intelligent cancer care. Cancer patients are not statistics and they do not respond according to predetermined textbook expectations. Rather, each patient is different and must be given the opportunity to identify those therapies that most effectively kill their cancer.

What We Believe

    • We believe that each patient is unique and their cancer is, too
    • We believe that informed decisions in selecting a treatment will help improve outcomes, eliminate drug therapies least likely to be effective and maximize precious time to fight cancer
    • We believe that cancer therapy should be customized for each patient based on their unique tumor makeup

What We Do

    • Educate patients and the public about assay-directed therapies and the importance of personalizing cancer treatments for each individual patient
    • Provide cancer patients with financial need the opportunity to receive assay-directed therapy, to provide vital information that will enable them to fight and perhaps overcome their illness
    • Support specific cancer research projects that validate and advance assay-directed approaches for personalized cancer treatments and drug development