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Personalized Cancer Testing


This testing, called functional profiling, exposes living cancer cells from individual patients to chemotherapy drugs, targeted agents, and combinations.

The use of this testing enables the patient’s treating physician to prescribe agents with the highest probability of improving the patient’s outcome and minimizing unnecessary toxic therapies.

To find the most effective treatment for you, living tumor cells are collected during biopsy or surgery. The sample is tested outside of your body in a lab, reducing the amount of toxicity your body is exposed to and keeping you as strong as possible to endure the damaging effects of chemotherapy.

An analysis of a sample of your living cancer cells shows which drugs kill the cancer cells (these cells are sensitive to these drugs) and which ones do NOT (these cancer cells are resistant to these drugs). Drug panels are selected for each patient based on diagnosis and treatment history.

The Nagourney Cancer Institute (NCI) will provide a report to help guide treatment options and reduce toxicity exposure. NCI has experienced a very successful rate of positive clinical outcomes.

Click the link below to see an infographic that explains how your cancer is tested.

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The use of functional profiling enables the patient's treating physician to prescribe agents with the highest probability of improving the patient's outcome and minimizing unnecessary toxic therapies.

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